Saturday, May 17, 2008

Al Versus The Volcano

When you move to a new place you can't help but learn a lot of new things about it from its history, flora and fauna to its lingo and dialect. One of those things you learn is new weather terms. When I lived in Alaska I learned the terms "break up" and "termination dust". (and no, it has nothing to do with ill-fated romantic relationships or magical powders for getting rid of lazy employees.) In Nebraska I learned about "supercells" and "downbursts" to the extent that you don't want to be present when they occur. Well, Hawaii is no exception. I am currently getting intimately acquainted with a nasty little phenomenon called VOG - volcanic fog. I know, it sounds like a stinky perfume and so it is.

As I write, Kilauea is belching forth volumes of ash laden clouds that settle over the islands when the trade winds die down, making paradise look more like downtown LA. The air chokes you, visibility is miniscule, eyes water, noses itch, allergies and asthma flare. My question is: Where is Al Gore when you need him??

C'mon Al! Take on that air polluting, environment destroying, plant killing, baby seal slaughtering, carbon emitting volcano! (It probably drives an SUV - perhaps the LAV4?)

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Mama Mia said...

Happy to say I did experience Vog about a Month and a half ago...the ash plume appeared the first day we were in Volcano,Hawai'i! We were sad becuase Volcano National Park closed down all the trails that went near the plume!

ray said...

I was just thinking it would be a ripoff if you came to Hawaii right now expecting tropical paradise and getting a hot day in Jersey instead.

There's some irony there when Volcano National Park is closed on account of a volcano. Like if you went to Sequoia National Park and the ranger says, "I'm sorry we're closed because there seems to be a bunch of giant trees..."

Ambie said...

Uh .. I'll take the hot day in Jersey. Beggars can't be choosers.