Sunday, May 18, 2008


My own dear mother reminded me of a game Ambie and I used to play that we really enojoyed and having all you readers just widens the possibilities. *wicked chuckle* For those of you that don't read all the comments (for shame) here is a recap. You take a person's initials and you come up with an acronym that describes him or her. (For those of you that slept through fifth grade English, an acronym is a group of letters that each stand for a word, like SCUBA - self-contained underwater breathing apparatus)

The ones I came up with for Ambie are All-Estrogen Parent (she's having her seventh girl), and Anything Except Punctual, and An Erupting Pie-hole.

We shall attempt to acronyse all our faithful commenters, and try not to offend you so that you never come back. There are some of you whose middle initials we don't know so if you don't see yourself on the list, drop us a comment and we shall by all means add you.

So here we go:

imme: you are Enlightened Woman Employee, or Elated When Earning, or Eager With Expectations

mama mia (you have really tough initials, BTW): you are Mormon Jello Bride, or May Journey Beachward, or Monthly Joyous Bookclubber

Tim: you are Tortured Money Winner, or Tells Many Witticisms, or Too Many Worries

Kristine (your middle name is Michelle, right?): Knowledgeable Math Nerd, or Kind to Mexican Neophytes

Heather: you are Heartfelt Dale Hater (as in Earnhardt Jr), or Healthy Diet Hater, or House-Deal Hell

grandma faith: you are Full of Motherly Wisdom, or Fair-Minded Woman, or Forgetful, May Wander

Aimee: you are Ankles R Sprained or Aldi's Really Stupid

Jillee: you are Just Sawed-off Boobs, or Just So Blonde


Kristine said...

LOL... Would you believe that you're the second person today to accuse me of being a math nerd? And with the other guy, we weren't even discussing math! We were talking about linguistics, and apparently people who view language the way I do are math nerds. All this time, I've been trying to keep it a secret...

Kind to Mexican Neophytes makes me all kinds of happy... I think I'll add it to my resume. :)

But the real question... How do you remember my middle name??

Ambie said...

Alright Ray here's yours

raising wild children
rearing without Christian
ranting wee cynic

ray said...

eek! rearing without Christian sounds so godless, like when I say that life is so much easier when I don't have Faith.

Kristine, I remember your middle name from all the times I called you into the class presidency and you had to be set apart. Random because I can't seem to remember anyone else in the class's middle name.

Aimee said...

Thanks for remembering my coordination... it really is a talent, you know!

Mama Mia said...

For the record I hate Jello...but I do love the beach! Too funny I will have to try that game...

Kristine said...

Well of course, I was your favorite. ;)

ray said...

okay, jk, I just remembered Kristen's middle name. it was something like, Anelda, right? And Abby was Aubrey Anne or was it Aubrey Ella? ok, I can't remember after all.

Cheryl said...

Very cute! It amazes me how your brains work!! Keep up the good blogging!!

Lots of love!