Thursday, June 5, 2008

Faux Sushi

Okay, if I start turning this blog into a "Kute Krafts 4 Kidz" blog, Ambie might leave me. Truth be told, I have no idea where my glue gun is and I haven't toll painted anything since the mid-nineties (thank heaven). On a sadder note, my sewing machine has sat idle for more than a year.

That being said, I love making cute kid food. Ambie remembers staying up really late helping me make PB and J sandwiches in the shape of rudolph the red nose reindeer for Nathaniel's preschool class. For Halloween 2 years ago I made mini-pizzas with olive slice eyes with green pepper pupils and mozzerella string bandages. Too fun.

So here's my latest endeavor: Sushi

You start with a grape or green apple, natural fruit roll up. Then make a batch of rice crispy treats. Spread the rice crispies over the fruit roll up, then line up one and a half gummy worms across the middle.

Use a sushi roller to roll the fruit roll at the same time you peel off the plastic (just like you would a California roll). Then slice.

Long's Drugs in Hawaii has the most extraordinary selection of plastic, deli containers in all shapes and sizes and this fills me with inexplicable joy. So I found the perfect container to fit six little sushis. I made 29 sets for Nathaniel's class for his birthday.

It took almost 3 hours. I'm ill. Help me.


Aimee said...

SO CLEVER, Ray! You were always a crafty girl!

I'll have to make this for my husband... he loves sushi, but the real stuff makes my stomach turn.

Ambie said...

Oh yes I remember ... ah the time we invest in projects that make us feel like better parents.

Ambie said...

Martha Stewart is that you? What the --- have you done with my friend ?

Really Ray you have to stop all of this crafty stuff and go out drinking more like all the better parents do.

ray said...

Hey, I've got to somehow make up for the fact that Nathaniel doesn't follow instructions and constantly cracks jokes in class. Where does he pick up such habits???

Mama Mia said...

SOoooo cute! My sister Maeve made these for a shower a while back it was a hit! Love the containers! Should I feel guilty for the cupcakes I sent for my kids birthday...some people are just Happy Birthday to Nathaniel!

imme said...

Hey Ray - I'm impressed. These are actually really cute without being cheesie-mommy-blog-I-have-nothing-better-to-do sort of thing. I'm thinking you could probably even make the nigiri type of sushis too. Maybe use rolled out laffy taffy's as the sashimi?

Beckie said...

Rachel I like your blog! These little sushi things are so stinkin' cute. I wish I had a Longs here so I could copy you completely.

Way to go!

Beckie G.

Cheryl said...

Great idea, Ray!! What we Mom's do for our kids!! I never made sushi treats, but I have spent many an early morning baking chocolate sugar cookies in the shape of bears or green dinosaur sugar cookies to take to school!!

Now, all I have to do is make lady bug cupcakes for granddaughter's birthdays!!

ray said...

Hi, Beckie G! good to see you.

well, imme, I do have better things to do, i just don't happen to be doing them. this is my way of peer through the bars of stay-at-home-mom-hood at the world out there that i can see but not quite