Saturday, June 28, 2008

"5 Things.." Bandwagon - Whee!

I'm going to do it. I'm going to sell my soul and jump on the blogger band wagon and post a "Things you didn't know about me" post. Next thing you know, we'll be having a give away....

I'm not sure what the point is here besides sating people's hunger for having dirt on another human being. Does this make people feel empowered? comforted? horrified? In any case, for those that would like to see the skeletons in my closet. Here they are.

5 Things Most People (except Ambie, of course) Don't Know About Me

5. I'm Blind. Without my contacts I can't even see the "E" at the top of the eye chart. I can barely tell that there is an eye chart. For those of you that are familiar with strengths of contact lenses, I wear a whopping -7.00 power set of contacts. I don't own a pair of glasses because the lenses would be so thick and heavy they would fall off my face.

4. I hate most books read in book clubs. Okay, so you might have noticed that I have some strong opinions, but I usually try to find positive things to say at book clubs so I don't become like the SNL skit character "Debbie Downer". Nevertheless, here is a short list of some of the books that I can't stand: "The Secret Life of Bees", "The Number One Ladies Detective Agency", "Eat Cake", anything written by Nicholas Sparks, any "heartwarming" stories involving pets, do you see a pattern here? What do I like? Non-fiction, literary classics, and anything written with clever wit or beautiful, descriptive prose. Rare at most book clubs.

3. I'm a conservationist. I hate wasting/throwing away ANYTHING! I save boxes, containers, ziploc baggies, holey socks and jeans, anything! I used my dryer exactly twice last month - I hang all my laundry on the line. I make my children bathe together to save water. Food has to be slimey or fuzzy before I will throw it away, and even then it hurts. I hate buying stuff, especially for my kitchen or to decorate. But don't worry, Ambie, I still support drilling in ANWR.

2. I trade foreign currencies online. You know how currencies of different countries change with respect to each other? That's what I capitalize on by moving my money from one currency to another. It's risky and I've suffered some losses, but I have been able to fund my children's private school tuition, and, well, I get a thrill from it. I just wish I lived closer to either East coast or London time zones.

1. I wake up PISSED OFF! All my life, the part I can remember anyway, I have hated waking up. I can't explain it. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I can fall asleep on a dime, or that I'm a vivid dreamer or maybe I just love my sleep. But this has been kind of a challenge for me, and those that have to deal with me, all my life. This doesn't mean that I sleep a lot or sleep late (relatively), you just may want to be armed if you have to see me first thing.


Kristine said...

I hate Nicholas Sparks with a passion that should be reserved for a more worthy cause! I've seriously second-guessed friendships with people who proclaim their love for "The Notebook." (But since EVERYONE loves The Notebook, and I do still want to have friends, I haven't been able to actually enforce any friendship rules about it.)

Ambie said...

What !!?? You trade foreign currencies online ? Well that changes everything.

Ambie said...

Some people take ipecac syrup to induce vomiting, I just think of The Notebook.

There's a whole population of us that you haven't tapped into yet.

We're here for you Kristine.

Tim said...

Trading foreign currencies online = gambling.

I'm surprised you support drilling in ANWR. I'd like to see the US become more conservation minded and invest in alternative energies (except biofuels, which today make zero sense...). Otherwise, we deserve to pay the prices we pay. We are 5% of the world's population, but use 20-25% of the world's oil output.

Anyway, any of Rachael's siblings can attest to confession #5. We had rotating chores growing up, and the one we feared was, "wake up Racheal."

Cheryl said...

Ray, is Tim really your brother, because he spelled your name 2 different ways and a sibling should really know the correct way!

For the record, I didn't like The Notebook. I don't like any of Mr. Sparks's books. I do read some sappy books, though. Can we still be friends???

Ambie said...

Yeah Tim .. what Cheryl said. Spank yourself.

imme said...

I think I woke Ray up the most since we shared a room for the first 16 years of our lives. She probably hates waking up so much because of all the cruel ways I did yelling, "Fire! Fire!" So mean...sorry Ray.

By the way, my two cents about conservation....of the three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), I subscribe to the first - Reduce. Americans have got to quit consuming all because they can afford it!

ray said...

Glad to know that I'm not the only Sparks loather in the world. I honestly thought I was the only one.

Tim, I'm all for alternative energy but thus far NOTHING can viabley run my car except refined oil (not wind, solar, wave, ethanol, etc. okay, so Dave has a veggie car. Not nearly enough veggie oil to run all our cars.) Our choices are find something else to fuel our cars (not going so well so far) or invent a different type of car (switching over is going to take a little longer than say, switching from tapes to CDs). In the meantime, we need more oil to feed our Homer-to-donuts level appetite for oil (remember my post about Americans and their cars?) And if we don't want dictators like Hugo Chavez to have us by the *ahem* cashews, we need to supply ourselves. Then wait for Mr. Fusion from "Back to the Future" to become available.

and yes, I like to gamble, but I can quit anytime I want to.

and my name is spelled R-A-C-H-A-E-L, i know, different. blame mom.

Cheryl said...

Whew! I'm glad that's settled!!

Mama Mia said...

LOL at all the comments! This was a fun post Racheal I mean Rachael! I agree with you...drill baby drill!

Heather said...

your comments page is almost as fun to read as your posts. Love it. I too am all for the drilling. And if you need to "gamble" to support your family, hey, you do what you have to do. I for one do not see it as gambling. I see it as "creative financing."