Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thank You, Angel

I like to think of myself as a fairly capable, independent woman. I have a college degree with which I have earned a living. I can do my own taxes, budget my money, open pickle jars, take out the trash, paint the house, frame windows, teach my son how to be a good point guard, etc.

Then days like yesterday happen. I was downtown with a flat tire.

Okay, I've seen this done before. I know academically what is supposed to happen. So I got out the donut, jack, and crowbar. Now what??

I started to jack up the car, and when I say, "jack-up", I mean curse and yell at the little hooky thingy that doesn't seem fit to turn the nutty thingy that's supposed to raise the jack and thereby, the car.

Male to the rescue. Is there something in that teeny, little Y-chromosome that gives men the innate knowledge of such processes?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to the anonymous young guy that moved the jack to the correct spot on my car's frame, inserted the crow bar into the hooky thingy so that you can get leverage to turn the jack-screw, and turned the donut around when I started to put it on backward. Who, no doubt, went straight home to teach his wife how to change a tire so that she will never be as idiotically helpless as me.

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Heather said...

Buddy has taught me numerous times how to do all of that but do you think that if I were stuck somewhere and needed to change my tire that I would be able to?? Hell no!!!

Cheryl said...

Having a mechanic for a husband and having grown up with 5 manly brothers, I really haven't had to change a tire either. I have been instructed many a time, but as I have never had to do it, who knows?

I can do a mean windshield wiper change, though!

Ambie said...

Okay I do know of a man who does not know how to use a screwdriver but this is a rare kind of phenomenon that occurs as often as albinism or so I'm told.

Beckie said...

THere is no way on this planet that I could change a tire. I think you are super woman for even trying.

Rich has showed me the basics a few times but his time would have been better spent insuring I knew his cell number, because truth be told, if ever there is an emergency of the vehicle nature, he gets a little jingle.

Tim said...

How'd you know his name was Angel?