Friday, January 2, 2009

Disney = Dissapointment

Lets get the new year off to a great start with a couple of good whiny posts.

School is out and due to the frigid temperatures we find ourselves turning to the good ol' tube for entertainment.So here's my gripe.. when did Disney get so teen? What used to be good wholesome cartoons has been replaced by some sort of demented beauty pageant for sexy preteen girls. Remember Goofy, Donald, and Mickey ? Replaced. Instead you will find a daily lineup of cute perky prepubescent looking teens like Hannah Montana,Cheetah girls and a whole slew of wannabes. Interestingly enough many of these poor kids who have been thrust into the limelight boast pop albums, clothing lines and perfumes as well. The whole Disney teen world is a multi billion dollar industry with Disney breeding and pumping out pop stars like a giant evil machine. I guess Disney couldn't pass it up; sex sells right? Good clean stuff doesn't bring in the same revenue as scantily clad teenage girls. I miss the classics and would be thrilled if Disney would consider yet another channel, except this one would be the good cartoons from my childhood.I may have just realized why we choose not to watch TV much in the first place.

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Heather said...

I am right there with you Ambie. Other stations are filled with crap like spongebob. What ever happened to bugs bunny cartoons. My kids are so limited to what they are allowed to watch due to all of this. Thanks Disney. I am sure that Walt is sooo proud of the lack of morals that your company now possesses.

Happy The Man said...

The Mickey Mouse Club star Britney Spears left her mark, and continues to. Then her little sister Jamie Spears on Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101" getting pregnant at 16 is setting a lovely example for our young girls. Lindsay Lohan of Disney's Parent Trap and Herbie has contributed to the teen-slut phenomenon. These syndicates have celebrated teenage sexuality and we wonder why the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Forget about the Disney cartoons/movies, even they have their "evil" and "hate". My children have learned their most hateful adjectives from the likes of Cruella Deville and Ursula and they've learned how to be mean and ugly to others from the many Disney villains. But way back in the day, Disney aired family entertainment on Sunday nights, "The Wonderful World of Disney". It would be deemed corny by today's standards, but there was always a wholesome message, family entertainment at its best (what Walt Disney was all about). It is frightening to see what it has progressed (digressed) to today.

I disagree with Heather on SpongeBob, which I consider to be the best children's cartoon I've ever seen. Sure you have an occasional underwear reference or butt cheeks exposed but we're talking a sponge and a starfish here, that's like being offended to see a dog's butt cheek.

Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tom and Jerry, etc. were all filled with horrific violence. Not that I ever cared about that and I'm not saying it's bad, but compared to SpongeBob, I say those loony tunes shows are no where near as harmless/innocent. Not to mention, they are no where near as witty and entertaining. SpongeBob isn't "the Waltons", but I say its pretty clean stuff (and might I add, usually hilarious).

ray said...

Hee hee. This sounds like the Spongebob arguement Ambie and I have. We used to be sponge-buddies and laugh and quote our favorite episodes, "in the hall!" Until I banned spongebob from my house because it was driving me nuts (if you think spongebob's laugh is annoying, it's nothing compared to his crying) and my kids getting a little too obsessed with their underwear.

I really liked Highschool Musical and thought it was wholesome and innocent...until the second one.

My solution? We have no TV channels in the house. Yeah, we're lame like that.

Ambie said...

okay I admit it .. I love spongebob, but in my defense my kids are all older and I appreciate anything that doesn't a: have swear words in it, and b: have sexual content.Honestly I don't buy into the whole violence in Tom and Jerry being harmful enough for me not to appreciate it for being good clean entertainment. The stuff I can't handle is the sexy, grow up to fast stuff.

The Ivey Family said...

Ambie you said it great. i do not have tv in my home and probably will never. it is just so much funner to buy and never have to watch commercals that are WAY to sexy! anyways most wholesome tv shows (little einstiens , bearenstein bears, strawberry shortcake etc) are available on DVD. most of the time the show may not cross the line but the stinking comercals do! One of the ONLY stations i like my kids to watch when we are at other homes are PBS and Boomarang. Boomarang is awsome! it has all the good Hannah Barbera shows like classic yogi bear, flinstones etc. i would try to name them but i cant remember their names OH AND there are no comercials! (if i'm remembering right!) i am gonna join the small crowd that does not like spongebob, i think the shows manners and behavior is gross and annoying! i'd rather give mykids ANY disney movie!!

Heather said...

Sorry happy the man. I disagree 100% with you. However, that is the beauty of life. We are allowed to disagree. I LOVE Boomerang!!!! It is awesome. I just prefer things like Blues Clues to Spongebob. If that means that I have no sense of humor, well then so be it.