Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Chihuahua

My little sister breeds Chihuahua's and I have to admit I am amazed that she can sell these little creatures for as much as she does. She makes a small fortune every time one of her females gives birth to a litter of what look to me like something closely related to the common New York Sewer Rat. People love these things, the smaller the better. My sister however has learned to hate them. She complains that they are nervous, shaky, and constantly in danger of being stepped on or plucked out of the yard by a hungry bald eagle which frequent her area. She and her husband carefully step around them and have only once had an incident which was when my sister accidentally let the back door close behind her and as it shut it broke one of the dogs legs..... I want one.
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ray said...

I don't get it. The little dog phenomenon is one of the more disturbing fashion trends of recent years. Yes, I said fashion trends. They are not typically bought by animal lovers or parents who want their children to learn responsibility and unconditional love. They are bought by self-absorbed twenty-somethings as fashion accesories. Like "Legally Blonde" with less brains.

Reyes Family said...

Ray, don't be a hater :-) I love little dogs. Granted I don't even have a dog, but I still love them from afar. If I were to buy a dog, it would be a small dog and I'm in my thirties and not the slightest bit fashionable. However, I am self-absorbed. :-)

Happy The Man said...

I like dogs, I just can't do the poop!

ray said...

Raina, you are an animal lover. You are exempt from the "fashion accessory" crowd. Didn't you have homing pigeons as a child?

HTM, I hear prune juice helps.

Tim said...

My cat would eat that thing so fast... and he's still be hungry. Good thing there's more.

You live in Alaska, right? I'd love to see a dog sled pulled by Chihuahuas.