Friday, April 25, 2008


Treatments are now being developed for individuals who have become paranoid and extremely worried about the carbon emissions they are creating(cough,cough).Thankfully there is now help available for those who feel they are personally responsible for "global warming" and are letting it disrupt their ability to function in their daily lives. More than 120 therapists are now listed as authorities in the field of Ecopsychology, also schools such as Lewis & Clark College have created psychology courses on counseling patients such as these .Currently the only help available for these people is voluntary extinction.There is no


ray said...

Ecopsychology sounds too mild. It could be called Algoritis, or plantser, or AEDS (auto-emission defectiveness syndrome).

ray said...

I have an eco-nfession. My daughter loves to take baths and I just hate to see all the water go to waste. Using a big bucket, i scoop up the water and pour it into my washing machine to wash clothes. I did this twice last week. I've tried hard to stop, but...I did it again today.

Someone help me!

Ambie said...

your regressing.