Friday, February 27, 2009

Homework Does Not Do Itself Observes Perplexed Eleven Year Old.

Anchorage,AK - Alexa is not sure how she came to the understanding that if she put it off long enough it would simply get tired of waiting and do itself. " I guess I just hoped for a miracle" stated the heavily homework laden preteen as she wearily rubbed her bloodshot eyes. " Oh for crying out loud in the night , if she would just get it done right after school on Friday we wouldn't have this problem." Alexa's mother told reporters while jerking the knots out of her daughters hair. Neither Alexa nor her mother could provide any further insight into why this same scenario seem to replay itself every Sunday night but both are open to further discussion on the issue pending a complete schedule overhaul.
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ray said...

Why would she be perlexed? The strategy of ignoring, procrastinating, and pretending its non-existence works for cleaning her room, doing dishes, doing her laundry and pretty much everything else you ask her to do and it all seems to get done. It logically follows that someone else is bound to do her homework if she puts it off long enough.