Monday, July 21, 2008

"Like Oh my Gosh Your baby is like so cute "!

This Saturday I took my 15 year old to Plato's Closet to pick out an outfit to wear to a wholesome, good clean, no touching, church dance and I kid you not there was no less than 3 teenage pregnant girls and at least that many dragging a kid or kids around with them pawing through racks of short skirts and tube tops looking for something totally hot to wear while their kids tugged on their designer jeans and cried for candy, "yeah whatever just be quiet here's a sucker". You may wonder where I have been the last 20 or so years that would create so much astonishment in my little sheltered mind, the answer to this question is : at home teaching my daughters not to do well.. that, praying, and sweating like a pig in heat. oops don't say in heat at least not at my house. Ok I never saw Juno. I know what it is. I don't give a crap what the positive message is at the end. Cool teen gets knocked up. I don't need to know anything else. My teens begged me to see it which caused alarms to go off like crazy, which eventually eased into a dull painful suspicion, which was only eased after the teens all admitted that they really didn't want to see that movie anyway it's like so old already anyways. Any proven preventative measures? Please share. My bowels are in constant distress.

there is no


ray said...

Oh c'mon! Everybody's doing it! I know a girl who's ten times worse! uh! You're so mean! I swear you're just trying to control me! You just don't like anyone who doesn't agree with you! Go away! Don't talk to me! This is so unfair!

oh, and can I go out with my friends next weekend?

Ambie said...

"mom, would it make you feel better if you got up and made us some nachos"?

Happy The Man said...

Saw it, absolutely hated it. My son thought the girl was a great actress and funny. I thought she was a total immature whack job, I cringed every time she opened her mouth.

There was one comical part, sorry this is a guy thing. The kid (father) from Arrested Development was running track and one of his weasely friends approaches him stating that he heard he got Juno pregnant. He acted kind of embarrassed or not proud but affirmed. The weasely kid was all impressed and said, "man, you should like grow a mustache".

I say comical because it caused me to remember how awkward and clueless adolescent boys are. I mean it was and exact depiction of how a conversation like that would have gone down in real life (at least back in my youth).