Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Ray !

My dear beloved friend Ray had a birthday two days ago and I hope she will forgive me for this late post ... I was uh... shoveling ash. I am happy to report however that the air has cleared and I have finally decided to get up off my ash and post. Every year about this time, I feel my heart swell with love and admiration for my good ol' buddy Ray. I'm not sure how old she is, but I know it's somewhere between 14 and 25, at least that's how she looks and also judging by the ages of the men who ask her out. ( deacons mostly ). Ray is an incredible person with what seams limitless energy whose hair, according to my children, seems to smile along with her friendly yet mischievous expression. Ray has an easy countenance which causes those who know her well, and those who have just met her, and strangers in the grocery store, to feel comfortable enough to share all sorts of personal information.. their life stories.. and their health problems with. This always amazed me because I am of a serious expression which works wonderfully to ward off unwanted social interaction. But not Ray, she bears all like a saint. It must be because of a good upbringing. She always said she learned kindness by serving her family,especially her siblings who look to her for wisdom and knowledge and consider her a genius .. at least that's what she says. So here's to Ray ! Happy birthday my wonderful bright friend who I love and adore more than words could possibly express. May this year be full of happiness and laughter ( probably at my expense )

Love, Ambie

the end


Heather said...

Ray, you truly are amazing!!! Thanks for being so wonderful!!! I love you!!!

ray said...

Wow, Ambie. I'm so glad I've had more of an impact on you than just someone to share your health issues and life story with. Someday we'll be 80-something and we'll still be talking and laughing except by then no one will understand us except us and when we get too loud, the nurses will tie us to our beds.

So here's to us and our past, present and future insanity!

Cheryl said...

Hear, hear!! Happy Birthday, Ray!!

I can just see you two hobbling around the nursing home with your walkers, smacking your gums together debating about current events and cackling together!!

Happy The Man said...

Happy Birthday!

Ambie said...

absolutely Ray
your pigeon will be so bad by then that even the locals won't understand it.. and I'll have no teeth. But we'll have developed our friendship to the point that we'll be able to decipher each others grunts.