Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Wealth of Stupidity

I don't recall making any designer fashion purchases lately but for some unknown reason, I received a Tourneau catalog in the mail. For the mere mortals out there, Tourneau is an ultra high-end watch company that puts Gucci in Dior on the back pages for the lesser customers.

Within the glossy pages of this uber-elegant catalog were watches inlaid with gold, forged with platinum, encrusted with diamonds and/or bound with alligator leather all costing more than most people's houses. This little dandy is a Breguet Classique and can be yours at the triffling price of $214,000. No kidding.

My question is, if it takes brains to be wealthy (Paris Hilton aside) why would anyone spend that kind of money just so they can keep track of the time? Isn't high fashion just a big-time scam to dupe the ultra rich out of their money by making them believe ordinary items are worth many times their cost just because of a label or name?

I don't get it.

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Ambie said...

I seriously saw a homeless lady the other day with a coach bag..... it makes me want to go the opposite direction and wear holy jeans and a flannel shirt every day.

ray said...

Holy Jeans, Batman! There are holes in your jeans!

Cheryl said...

I have always wondered the same thing. How can they justify spending that much on a watch?? I was watching What Not to Wear a while back and was amazed at the amounts paid for the clothes they talked those people into buying. A blouse for $300, Skirt for $275! Ouch! I need some new jeans (without holes) and I just can't make myself pay $50 to $100 just for one pair.

Ambie said...

Of course even the holy jeans are expensive

imme said...

Have you seen the $5 million Victoria's Secret bra? Here's a link if you think I'm kidding.

ray said...

Holy bra!! With all that bling, you'd hate to wear anything over it. Does it come in a 32 AAA? Did Jared get to design that one? What's his job title again? Talent Scout? Manual Cup Size Accuracy Fitter? Indecent Exposure in Ad Spotter?