Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Most Valued Flab in the World

One of my daughters has always been a little obsessed with boobs. When she was a toddler she was always poking at them (mine) and as soon as she learned to talk would walk around chanting "Boob! Boob! Boob!" as she was learning to write we would frequently find the word "boob" written in the dirt on the car. The same daughter later vowed she would name her first child boob in honor of those two friends who had always brought her comfort and once food.

I am no fan of boobs. They're in the way (for some of us) and move around when they shouldn't. I often wonder why some women want them so badly. Do they understand that these are just adding their overall body fat? Do they know what will happen to them in 20 years? In 40? Before a woman decides to have hers inflated, I would suggest going for a run and feel the beauty of nothing jumping and just remember bouncing later turns to flapping.

I have a dear friend who always wanted more than she was naturally given. So in desperation she finally turned to the “water bra” a safer alternative to surgical breast enhancement. She swears this is the way to go for that added size. I say why add the weight? Extra weight in that general area only adds additional stress on the back.

Tsk tsk all for the sake of vanity.
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Jillee Brown said...

At 19 years old my pair of ladies went under the knife but to deflate rather than inflate. Overall i think boobs are nothing but milk bags that for some reason men cant help but to want. EW. Gross.

ray said...

I am no fan of my brains. I mean, why be smarter than everyone else around you when no one gets your jokes? I feel sorry for all those people toiling away in college trying to increase their brain capacity. Don't they know being smarter just makes you more miserable as you realize how stupid the whole world is??

Then there are those poor desperate people that swear that online colleges are the way to go. It seems like you have brains without having to go to all those pesky classes.

*shake head*
all for the sake of pride

Ambie said...

touche RAy !