Monday, August 18, 2008

God's Way of Telling Me to "Shut It!"

I don't cuss. I thinks it's unbecoming especially for a woman to cuss. I also think that most cussing is just the result of not being bright enough to think of a more clever way to say things. That being said, I unapologetically use all the words that are in the Bible. Hey, if God uses them, surely it's okay if we use them. Practice what you preach, and all.

A couple summers ago I had an experience not unlike Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist. I was at Girls' Camp (as a leader, I said "a couple" of summers ago, not "many, many" summers ago) and I happened to make use of one of my more favorite words from the Bible. And I immediately lost my voice. I didn't have a cough, a sore throat, a fever, or anything - I had literally been struck dumb. I didn't fully recover my voice for about 3 months.

For a year or two after that experience I struggled with keeping my voice around. It was such a skittish thing, like a commitment-averse boyfriend - coming and going with no rhyme or reason. I even went to an ENT who happily removed my tonsils which improved things for a month. Finally, for the past year or so, I reached a point where I knew if my children misbehaved I could reliably bellow at them as needed.

Until now.

The voice is gone again. Maybe it's time to bleep my Biblical babble. Damn!

there is no
nope, no more I say.


Tim said...

I've surfed exactly once on the sabbath day. I caught a terrible cold. I had not had a cold for three years, and didn't have another until I went to college in Utah.

That was no accident. That was a message.

Mama Mia said...

I am sorry to hear about your voice that is weird...better clean out your mouth with soap:) It reminds me of a time I played in a stream as a little girl on Sunday (against my mothers wishes). The next day...bam!... my whole face and several parts of my body were covered with poison ivy! It lasted for a month!

Ambie said...

I never get sick from sinning... just publicly humiliated in some way.

ray said...

It just goes to show that God has both a sense of humor and a sense of irony.

imme said...

All my gymnastic meets were on Sundays...maybe that's why I never made it to the Olympics

Kristine said...

Does foreign language swearing count? It always seems funnier and less offensive in someone else's language...

I dedicated today's blog to you! So you should read it. :)