Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Banana Meets Pigeon

It happened at church. A lady approached me and said, "ayy! Dassa cuute skaht! Where you wen get it?" I blinked once, thought fast and said, "um, the swap meet." She replied, "fo real? Which was da kine?" "....!", I relplied. It made me think of the line from "Finding Nemo" when Marlin says, "You're awfully cute but I have no idea what you're saying." I have been living in Hawaii now for almost a year and despite visiting my grandma and aunties here all my life, I've had quite the culture shock. It's not just about being in a unique culture, it's being in a unique culture when you look like you belong in it. Everyone who has travelled abroad knows what it feels like to look, speak, and act differently from everyone around you, but it is a much stranger experience when you speak and act differently but look the same as everyone around you.

Being 100% Japanese and raised in the US, I've always had a sense that my insides don't really match my outsides - through such experiences as having a girl in middle school ask if I spoke English or having a little old lady start chattering in Korean to me in a grocery store then flipping me off when I told her I was Japanese. But this mismatch becomes the most apparent when I travel to Japan and all around me people assume I know what's going on when I'm totally clueless. I had a cab driver talk endlessly to me even after I explained that I couldn't speak Japanese. Maybe he was testing me by saying things like, "I can't believe you fit your fat butt back there!" Who knows?

So here in Hawaii I get pigeon spoken to me much more often than my haole (white) husband even though he understands it much more readily, working daily with local construction workers. So I guess I have two choices. I can go through life half-confused and constantly explaining that "I'm not from around here", or I can learn to understand "da kine" and "feel da kokua" of those around me.


No Slanted Eyes? Put Down The Rice!

Consumer fads have come and gone. Remember Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmo, Pokemon Cards? During these times, frenzied mobs of smitten consumers stormed the stores, knocked down old people and small children in their way to get their hands on whatever the object of the fanaticism was. Well, there's a new global consumer fad that's gripping shanty towns and grass hut lean-tos everywhere. The new must have item? Rice. From Haiti to Mozambique, from Peru to Vietnam, people are storming the gates of stores, supply houses, and government buildings to get rice. The US is not immune to this latest craze either. Grocery stores are seeing an increase in the demand for rice and are having trouble keeping it stocked. Trust the general public to get caught up in a fad.

Now, I've eaten rice every day of my whole whole life. I eat lasagna and steak and spaghetti sauce with rice. I depend on it like some people depend on coffee or oxygen or Oprah. If you want to see serious rebellion, come to my house before dinner time on a day I forgot to make rice. So I'd like to say to these band wagon, Johnny-come-latelys, If you HAVE to follow the crowd and get "into" rice, buy the Minute rice or Uncle Ben's, but leave the REAL stuff for the serious rice connoisseurs.

Domo Arigato!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sympathy for Ms. Hannigan

Could you do me a big favor? I am just wondering if you would mind driving Whitnie to the store for some tampons. She wants the plastic applicators(scented)not the cardboard.That would be so cool if you could and what's really neat is that Whitnie can tell you all about why cardboard applicators are so uncomfortable just like she told her dad.Oh and while your there, would you mind picking up some Midol? Whitnie, Pennie and Star all start at about the same time and they all suffer from various pains and roller coaster emotions.Thanks so much! You are a savior, real decent. When you get back it would also be great if you could hang out and break up any fights that might erupt.
I'm pretty sure Star borrowed Pennie's mascara today without asking her. Star is feeling pretty emotional today too and is sure to need a good cry, along with Olivia ...and Whitnie and maybe Alexa, if she's tired.So give lots of hugs and reassurances. If Pennie gives Whitnie a dirty look, Whitnie might get really angry and violent, so you'll want to try to diffuse the situation before it gets out of control. The teenagers really don't like doing chores so if you could pitch in that would really be doing me a solid.Be sure to help Olivia with her ballet bun too because if it's crooked she'll cry at dance and when they get home from dance they'll be wondering where their dinner is and might be a little sulky if they have to wait, so you should probably get started on dinner pretty soon. Oh and Olivia doesn't like meat or vegetables and don't bother trying to make her eat them or she will surely cry, Alexa only likes meat, Pennie won't eat at all, but try to encourage her so that she doesn't develop an eating disorder.Whitnie likes to use this time for voicing any complaints she has about almost anything so try to listen intently and be empathetic, because if she thinks your not listening or that you don't care, this can lead to a crying guilt trip from which you may never recover. Although the girls will be tired from dance, they usually will avoid going to be and will instead follow you around the house whining about something or other being unfair.You'll have to firmly insist that they get some rest and you may have to repeat yourself four or five times. Remember that even though they might be looking at you, they won't actually hear or obey you the first ... second... third.. or fourth time. The little girls like to have their hair braided and Olivia likes her back rubbed with baby lotion, and all the girls need about 5 minutes each of hugging and kissing before they can sleep. Again thank you.I know you can do this, you are just the type of patient person that can handle this and it makes you feel so needed too. After the girls are asleep, the phone will only ring 6 or 7 more times in the night. It's usually Mitchell, Tim, or Collin for Pennie or it could be Gerald for Star, or Durante for Whitnie.Take a message and be polite, it's really upsetting to the girls if you aren't and they might think you don't like their friends or that you favor one over the other.You are welcome to sleep in the guest room, unless Olivia wants you to lay by her,oh and Whitnie usually wakes up with cramps about this time of the month. Thanks again your a life saver. If you need me I'll be in the hospital giving birth to my seventh daughter... don't call.


Friday, April 25, 2008


Treatments are now being developed for individuals who have become paranoid and extremely worried about the carbon emissions they are creating(cough,cough).Thankfully there is now help available for those who feel they are personally responsible for "global warming" and are letting it disrupt their ability to function in their daily lives. More than 120 therapists are now listed as authorities in the field of Ecopsychology, also schools such as Lewis & Clark College have created psychology courses on counseling patients such as these .Currently the only help available for these people is voluntary extinction.There is no


Thursday, April 24, 2008

ADD Titles: How Book Titles Have Gotten so Long They're Really Just Short Summaries Because Authors Are Desperate For Readers' Fleeting Attention.

It's the latest fad in book titles. A title, a colon, and then a short description of the book. Take for example the new release, "Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World", or "The Price of Privilege: How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage are Creating a Generation of Disconnected and Unhappy Kids". Why all the massive verbage in the top line of a book report? Simple. Authors, skilled and not, are adapting to the twenty-second-commercial audience that gets distracted if the cover of a book isn't compelling. This audience doesn't even take the time to open the inside flap. No more browsing through a bookstore or library reading a page here, a chapter there. This has allowed for the emergence of a new genre of books - books that make you stupider for having read them.

Okay, to be fair the book I'm currently reading is called "Presidential Courage: Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789-1989". My husband enjoyed "When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long Term Capital Management". Both books are well written and cranially challenging. So the length of a title is not necessarily inversely proportionate to the quality of the book. But as books have become a huge industry in the US with the rise of Oprah's book list, the popularity of book clubs, and the growth of bookstore giants like Barnes and Noble and Borders, scanning the New York Times Best Seller List convinces me that the increase in readers has come at the expense of the quality of writing.

Regarding the risk of offending my three-paragraph-post reading audience I shall limit my rant to suggesting more attention grabbing titles for classic literature in the hopes that it will be more widely read. Like:

A Tale of Two Cities: One Man's Harrowing Tale of Survival and Sacrifice During the French Revolution

Hamlet: The Tragedy of Despair in the Face of Treachery and Betrayal

Pride and Prejudice: Battling Preconceived Notions and Class Consciousness in Matters of the Heart

Or perhaps titles should be more accurate to lure their reading audience. Like:

Animal Farm: A Chilling Statement on Twentieth Century Soviet Totalitarianism As Told By Cute And Cuddly Animals

The Count of Monte Cristo: While Money Can't Give You Your Life Back, It Sure Goes A Long Way Toward Revenge

The Odyssey: Ticking Off A God Can Delay Your Trip Home, But You Can Meet Some Hot Babes Along The Way

Of course some books, even classics, are best left with ambiguous titles or else no one would read them. Like:

Mrs. Dalloway: Whatever Pops Into my Head While Planning a Party

Catcher in the Rye: Angst, Angst, Angst

Oedipus Rex: Why Incest is SOOOO Wrong

And so we conclude, gentle reader, that more than ever, great care is needed in choosing what we read but more importantly, remember to always read this blog.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Americans - "car = good : mass transit = bad"

For anyone who has spent any time on Oahu highways, you know that traffic is a MAJOR problem. The mayor is pushing to get a mass transit system built but there is major opposition to this in the public. You may wonder why people would prefer to sit for hours in traffic rather than zip by on a train. Why, as gas prices rise like Jimmy Hendrix fans on yeast, people would rather guzzle gas than float on magnets. Well, fear not. I've discovered the issue:

Americans are in love with their cars.

Actually, "love" is too noble a word. Americans are so fixated on their cars that if cars could somehow snub us, we would start stalking them and they would have to get restraining orders against us but that still wouldn't keep us from worshipping and obsessing over our cars.

There are many reasons why Americans suffer from "carlust" and why mass transit rarely succeeds.

The car was invented in America and is as much "our baby" as baseball, grandma's apple pie, reality tv, and protesting.

A car represents freedom. We don't like to be constrained by and at the mercy of bus and/or train schedules. People hyperventilate at the thought of not being in control of their own motor destiny.

Americans love stuff. Judging by the size and variety of boxes at Costco, we buy every gadget, appliance, gizmo and wingding invented, ironically, to "simplify" and "facilitate" our lives. Without a car, how could you get your fondue fountain home?

Americans love to sit on their butts. Finding a close parking spot is a HUGE priority. Losing the remote is a HUGE inconvenience. Having drive-up windows at restaurants, pharmacies, even dry cleaners, is a HUGE plus. Do we wonder why our butts then end up HUGE?

A car is an American male status symbol used to attract a mate and therefore propagate the species. A man without a car is immasculated. Girls, think about when a guy took you out on a date. He knocks on the door. You smile, walk out and start looking around...

Americans don't want to live where they work. We love to own land - real, solid, dirt-packed land, not a floating cube of space in midair. We therefore need something more than legs to get us to the cube of space where we work.

Given these reasons and the alarming way Americans run up the credit, it will take more than horrific traffic, $4/gal gas or more, or global warming guilt trips to get us to break up with our four-wheeled friends. Even if science does manage to invent the "trekkie" transporter, we Americans will happily be driving the obsolete streets in our cars. At least there will be less traffic.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The 5 grossest things I've done in my life

WARNING: Those with weak stomachs may want to skip this one.

5. On a whale watching trip with my 5 and 3 year olds in Alaska, we were served a greasy lunch of fried halibut and french fries. Then we hit open water. The kids heads started bobbing back and forth and my son said, "mommy, my tummy feels funny." Not 2 seconds later my daughter, whose head was on my lap, gave us a rerun view of her lunch which triggered a copycat performance from my son. All I could do was laugh hysterically because jumping overboard was not an option.

4. I was watching my friend's daughter when I also had a 13 month old who was fascinated with the toilet. Apparently my friend's daughter is scared to flush the toilet because of the loud sound. Put those two dandy facts together and you get my toddler walking into my room smelling like an outhouse and looking like she'd rolled in the mud. Man, if only it could've been mud. It's one thing to clean up your own child's waste....

3. My 2 year old emptied a jar of betta fish food into the bathtub. By the time I'd discovered it, it had had time to soak up water and swell into a mush of stinking mess. I have sensitive drains so I had to scoop the putrid mush out.

2. My 18 month old son had a serious blowout diaper at Costco. I had to slosh his clothes in the Costco toilet. I don't know if they were cleaner coming out than going in.

And number one....

1. I woke up in our house in Maui to the sound of my son's frantic voice saying, "they're everywhere!" and stomping sounds. What I found were fat, white maggots travelling at alarming speeds all over the kitchen and living room floor. Here is what I learned from this experience. You can't stop maggots by spraying them with cleaner or even bleach. It only makes them go faster. Maggots don't necessarily need dead meat to thrive. Maggots feel an irresistable urge to go places. Maggots pop and explode like huge zits when you squish them. And, the exact tactile experience of repeatedly squishing maggots gets ingrained in your memory FOREVER! I will never eat haupia (Hawaiian coconut jello) ever again.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The "R" Word

The word is being tossed around like a hot and rotten potato. Are we in a recession? Many notables in the economic world including ex-fed chair Al Greenspan say "yes", current chair Ben Bernanke calls it a "slow-down" but can't bring himself to say the "R" word, and others in denial/damage control mode are saying, "we can't tell yet". Why is it so hard to get a consensus here? To take a phrase from the intellectual (but fictional) great Forrest Gump, "a recession is like a box of chocolates..." you don't know what you've got until you've bitten into one. So anyone who has navigated a box of Russell Stovers without a map can appreciate the difficulty in knowing exactly when to say, "yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are in a recession."

By definition, a recession is two consecutive quarters of contractionary, or negative, GDP (gross domestic product). To date, we haven't even had one quarter of negative GDP as 4th quarter of 2007 came in finalized at 0.6%. With first quarter of 2008 just finished and finalized numbers for it still months away, we won't know if we're actually in one until we're more than halfway there. It's kind of a raw deal, if you ask me. It's like having a gas gage in your car that tells you the tank is getting low 20 minutes after you've run out of gas.

So hang on to your hats, people, (and your IRA contributions), because recession or not, we're in for a crazy ride. And if anyone has any suggestions on where to park your money in a bear market with miniscule interest rates besides a mattress in the basement, please, share them here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hey, Village! Fix My Child!

In Park City, Utah a mother, fed up with her 10-year-old son's shoplifting, put him on a street corner for three hours holding a sign that labeled him a thief and listed all the stores that he'd stolen from. The police, apparently, wouldn't take any action because he is too young for juvie. You know, when things like this happen, you have to ask, "Where were the daycare workers?"

The mother's actions back fired though, as this elicited a heated response from the community in defense of the child. Child protective services were called and someone even gave him money as he stood there. I guess you have to pick your village carefully if you're going to depend on it to raise your child.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Hilary Gone Wild !

" The more I drink the better you Indiana boys are lookin" !

In an effort to relate to the average American, Hilary shed her inhibitions for one night and got tanked with some average Joes at “Bronko’s Bar in Indiana. It’s so nice to see a possible future president willing to lower her standards to better identify with the average “bar going American”.

Shortly after these photo’s were taken, Hilary was in the bathroom throwing up with the average “unable to hold their liquor” American, and was later spotted topless, doing a keg stand at a frat party identifying with the average “college party animal” American.

By the end of the evening she was passed out in an alley with a group of average “homeless alcoholic” Americans.

Hillary, stop trying to be Bill.

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Human Footprint - Stop Showering NOW!

On Sunday the National Geopgraphic channel aired a show called "Human Footprint" a frightening statement on how taking showers will lead to the end of the world. Seriously. The makers of the show try to illustrate how much of the earth's resources one human being uses in a lifetime from disposable diapers to loaves of bread. To help the viewer grasp the alarming numbers, they use props. Like, to show how the average American takes 28,433 showers in their lifetime, they took 28,433 rubber ducks and laid them out in a house, out the front door and down the street. The whole tone of the show is to inflict a guilt trip on how human consumption of earth's resources is "exceeding the planet's ability to replace them". So for those of you that shower and hoard the water without letting it go down the drain where it is then treated, returned to the environment to evaporate, condense and then fall again as rain into reservoirs of drinking water, stop that. Of course, for every shower I take, there are 10 Europeans that don't, so we can bring that frightening number down a bit.

One fundamental idea that people like the makers and airers of this show are missing is that humans are as much a part of earth's ecosystem as a panda or a whale or a rainforest. We have as much "right" to consume food, create shelters and use whatever means necessary to attract a mate and propagate our kind as any other species. If they illustrated, say, the lion footprint where they laid out a stuffed toy herbavore for every creature eaten by one lion in his or her lifetime, it would fill a good portion of the savannah. But we don't begrudge them that. In the show they pile up 19,826 eggs representing the average number consumed in a lifetime. Wow, 19,826 eggs. Let's see, a chicken lays one egg every day and there are over 8 billion chickens in the world. We better cut back. But my biggest issue with this - they counted them before they were hatched! Big no-no.

Another point they are missing is that when humans "consume" a resource, it doesn't cease to exist. I really do return to the earth the loaves of bread I consume, I just don't think you want to lay that out in the house. If they really wanted to get at the culprits of ultimate non-recycling, they would have to go after the space program. After all, when astronauts eject their pee into the cosmos it is gone forever, never to rejoin the water cycle. If there is a sudden outbreak of incontinence among our spacemen then the earth might really be in peril. But I suppose we could make it back with a comet strike or two. That would bring in resources and get rid of a lot of those pesky humans. A win-win.

But the biggest flaw in the mindset of this show is the idea that life on earth is at jeopardy and humans are to blame. The earth has been around for some 4 billion years during which time life has blossomed, spread, changed, and changed again until every nook and cranny is filled to overflowing with life. There is life in the hottest sulfur vents on the ocean floor. There is life in the icy sheets of polar glaciers. In fact, if the life of the earth were proportioned down to one year, humans have been around for all of 47 seconds. It's pretty arrogant to think that what we do in 47 seconds will reverse, on a dime, the trend of the previous year. It is possible, I suppose, that we humans, resourceful and elevated as we are, may overextend ourselves and go the way of the dinosaurs (I'd like to see the "dinosaur footprint" show - here is one twig for every tree eaten by the average brontosaurus...), but life will go on. Our demise might pave the way for some better species that better honors this earth and its precious resources and more importantly, takes fewer showers.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Gun in Exchange For Your Balls

In other news.... India is now offering free gun permits for men who get vasectomies. Hmmm .... disgruntled emasculated men running around with weapons.Hey maybe they think that the after the men get snipped they will not experience the testosterone induced urges to commit crimes and will instead decorate their new rifles with gemstones and flowers to make them more pretty.

Do you think Alex will agree to get clipped if I offer him a new gun?


So we can do it?

I used to dream that one day I would visit Singapore and explore a beautiful country which seems to be evolving into a hip diverse place where people are outgoing,friendly to foreigners and without the garbage,bums,and bubble gum in the street, and I will someday.... without my teenage daughters.

The Singapore government recently put into action a plan to curb its declining birth rate and apparently thought it wise to put that plan directly on the shoulders of the fourteen to eighteen year olds. How? A high school course on flirting. Flirting 101. Students will learn song analysis, online chatting, speed dating and with this information are encouraged to act upon it. After all a whole nation is depending on these kids to hurry up and make babies.

Wow a country that finally appreciates the concept of preteen pregnancy! Theres a whole slew of Texas teenagers with babies that probably need jobs, lets send them over to teach these hormone lacking teenagers a lesson in how to get the job done!

And thats about all the discussion on teens, flirting and sex that I can handle. Its a good thing my girls are locked securely in their rooms.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Keep the Dragon, Slay the Princess

I was driving around town the other day when I saw a license plate rim that said, "Brooke is a Princess". It was on a zippy little car with pink seat covers and a sparkly jewel hanging from the rear-view mirror. It makes me wonder. How did Brooke get such a doo-dad? Did she, in her forlorn and lonely grasping for self-importance, buy it for herself? Was it a gift from her loyal and adoring subjects? Or more likely, was it a gift from her over-involved, indulgent parents? Which leads me to wonder, what kind of parents truly want their daughter to emulate the image of a princess? Why don't we see rims that say, "Brooke is a Humanitarian" or "Brooke has Integrity"? Our society is suffering a literal pandemic of "pink". The princess marketing used to be confined to one aisle in the toy section but it is spreading, like a fungus or a wild fire, to all areas of department stores. You can buy princess toothpaste, breakfast cereal, sleeping bags, bicycle helmets, and you can buy so much pink bedding, curtains, rugs, and fuzzy cushions that your daughter's room will look like it was hosed down with Pepto Bismal. What's next? pink princess car batteries? Just wait.

There are some serious flaws in the fairy tales, both classic and modern, that we so innocently immerse our children in. If polled, most parents would say they value education, character, independence, and manners above appearance and popularity, but fairy tales teach just the opposite. Think about how Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and even the Little Mermaid and Jasmine attracted their princes. Was it because they were smart? courageous? capable? kind? No. The princes were smitten by their beauty before they had had a word of conversation and before they even knew their names! And why are these princesses always in need of rescue? There they sit helpless, in trances, and under spells waiting for someone to free them. Why couldn't Rapunzel get herself out of the damn tower? They are portrayed as being kind, but it's in a bland, plant-flowers-and-befriend-the-woodland-creatures sort of kind rather than the sacrificing to help the poor and needy sort of kind.

When you consider the historic role played by princesses, it was mostly as currency used by their fathers to be given in marriage in exchange for advancement in land, privilege or politics. They weren't given great responsiblities beyond producing an heir. Granted, there are exceptions to this, like Cleopatra or Queen Hatshepsut who wore a false beard to garner more respect, but this is not who little girls are thinking of as they prance around in their fluffy, pink dresses. Truly, they are pretty ignorant of the history behind their antics. Their image of a princess is one who is beautiful and adored and tells other people what to do and gets her way because she is beautiful and adored. Neither the historic or imagined role of princesses should be encouraged in our daughters.

I don't really think that reading a bedtime story is at the root of the princess problem, but all too often, the pink of Disney princesses gives way to the self-centered irreverence of David and Goliath, (the company, not the Bible story), that promotes such ideas as "I'm too cute to do math", or "your anger makes me happy", or "it's all about me, deal with it". I'm sure the founders of the company would argue that these are tongue in cheek phrases meant to be satirical, but, seeing how most of these MTV watching, tight shirt wearing, co-ed sleep overing teens behave, I'd say the satire is lost on them. If you want to see what happens when the princess phenomenon is taken to the extreme, just watch an episode of "America's Next Top Model" (and keep that Pepto handy). If my daughter ever behaved in that manner, I think I would kill myself, right after I killed her, and Tyra Banks.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pushing for Insignificance

Some people just can't let things go.
Hawaii state legislators are pushing for Senate Bill 2898 SD1, a bill that will allot Hawaii's electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote instead of the popular vote in Hawaii. In other words, this will allow everyone else in the nation to decide how Hawaiians vote. At first glance, this makes absolutely no sense. Why would a state want to decrease the impact of its voters? Looking deeper into the decision - which would reveal that this is just more whining from the sore losers of the 2000 election - it makes even less sense. The bill would make this scenario possible. Say in November every man, woman, and child (over 18 of course) votes for hometown favorite Barack Obama, but the rest of the nation votes for good ol' boy John McCain. This bill would ignore the vote of every resident and cast Hawaii's vote for McCain.

Let's do a little political math. Hawaii has a popuation of about 1.2 million people. The US has a population of 300 million. So Hawaii represents about .4% of the population and therefore the popular vote. On the other hand, Hawaii has 4 electoral votes out of a national total of 538. That gives Hawaii about .74% of the electoral vote - still a small percentage but it's almost twice that of the popular vote. So passing this bill would essentially cut the significance of Hawaii's voters in half.

Some people might honestly feel that the election should be a pure "whoever gets the most votes wins" deal. This, of course, totally ignores the needs of smaller states whose interests would be completely swallowed by the larger states, making every election essentially decided by New York, California, Texas, and Florida which together represents almost a third of the nation's population.

But this bill is not about fundamental electoral philosophy. This bill is being pushed by those in the state that just can't get over the fact that George Bush won the election in 2000 without winning the popular vote. It's a frustrating phenomenon, for sure, when your guy doesn't win, but it is not a good reason for basically saying, "I'll pick whoever everyone else picks" instead of making your own informed vote.

Please, let the past go. Bush won, by the book, by the rules, fair and square in a system that was designed to give not just people a vote, but groups of people a vote. Get over it. Don't jeapodize the future of Hawaii by clinging to hate and bitterness toward an administration that is on its way down and, more importantly, OUT. At the end of Bill Clinton's second term, there were those in the government that toyed with the idea of changing the US policy of limiting a president to just 2 terms. After the last 8 years I think most are supremely glad that that didn't happen. The method of electing and changing our nation's leaders is founded on principles that empowers the people whom these leaders serve. Changes should be made to this method to preserve that power and not to enable partisan pouting.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The "Stacy's Mom" syndrome

You've seen the type at the gym, the mall, or less often, at the grocery store - women who Bernard Goldberg describes as "trying to hang on to their youth at the expense of their dignity". They either have platinum blonde or jet black hair, crispy from over dyeing, skin the quality of dried out leather from over tanning, face like a birthday cake with make-up slathered on an inch thick, and worst of all, they are wearing clothing that looks like it was pilfered from Avril Lavigne's wardrobe. The rock group Fountains of Wayne did the world a horrible disservice by recording the hit song "Stacy's Mom" that gave sagging, middle-aged women the hope that they can somehow still be attractive to the 13 to 18 year-old boy demographic. And the rest of us in the gyms, malls, and grocery stores have to suffer the ugly, and I do mean ugly, consequences of it.

Here's a newflash for these poor, misguided women:
"Forty is NOT the new twenty"
As we age we are supposed to increase in wisdom and dignity. This progression leads us away from the superficial, self-centered priorities of highschool and toward the far-thinking, value-oriented years of adulthood, careers, and parenthood. We are supposed to worry less about our appearances and popularity and more about our character, work-ethic, integrity, and whether we are making a meaningful impact on society and the world around us. I have been slowly losing faith in this universal progression as I read headlines about teachers cavorting with students, see mothers sharing clothes with their teenage daughters, or see crow's feet in the crowd of screaming fans at a Justin Timberlake concert.

So to combat the pollution of scenery caused by the "Stacy's Mom" syndrome, I'd like to offer some guidelines for all women over 30:
1. Do not wear any pants that have writing on the butt.
2. Only dye your hair colors that are found in nature.
3. Don't listen to any music that wins at the MTV music awards.
4. Don't talk in "text".
5. Gravity happens, work on improving the body organs not affected by it (i.e. your brain).
6. I don't care how much Mari Winsor you do, don't wear a thong - ever.

I'm not saying to not try and look your best and improve what you've got, but, like a lot of things in life, like cussing, partying, and wearing blue mascara, some habits are more forgiveable in youth than in age.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shooting the Star - CynOi-viet Union

April 2, 2008 local column
Local Columnist Cynthia Oi made a frightening statement in her whiney, grouchy, "you're turning my island into hell" column. She writes, "Government spending, the backbone of employment and economic vitality..." What?! Maybe in Cuba or the former Soviet Union, but hopefully that will never be a true statement under the stars and stripes. Apparently she prefers a system where the government takes a huge chunk of your paycheck then decides who gets a job and what businesses get money.

Thanks, but no thanks. I prefer a system where citizens get to keep their money, find their own jobs, decide which businesses get their money and the government acts to protect those choices. News flash, old friend, government spending is not the backbone of employment and economic vitality, the free market is! That's why the USA prospers while North Korea and Cuba suffer and the USSR failed. Cynthia Oi wants to give all the money to government while in the same column she says Hawaii has, "bad government led by bad elected officials and administered by a host of bad, unionized workers". So why do you want them making all the financial choices?

Obviously this column is less about economic analysis and discussion and more about a grouchy old lady complaining about her arthritis or the loud neighbors or whatever is making what's left of her life miserable.

Oi! Lazy, time to post

Alright, Ambriah, you can't just comment to my posts, you have to post too. You remind me of my parents when they first started emailing, they didn't know how to compose an email, they only knew how to reply to an email. So if you wanted news from them you had to write first so they could reply. Time to start posting on your own, darling. I know you can do it! more...

I Am Legend

Holy Scary! Castaway meets Night of The Living Dead! My question is where do all the deer and lions go when it's night? Are there zombie deer? Will Smith looks really old too. Is that just a special effect?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Start

Wow. Here we are. A blog. What shall we discover next? Fire? The wheel? Cordless phones? more...